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Brosway Italia was founded in 1979 in Italy and today, Brosway Italia is the #1 fashionable jewelry brand in Italy, selling products ranging from necklaces and bracelets to rings and earrings across the world.


Heritage, passion and Italian style are at the core of what drives Brosway Italia’s mission: all jewels are entirely designed in Italy and distributed in over 30 countries, where they have become a symbol of Italian excellence worldwide.


All Brosway Italia jewels are made with high-quality materials and an acute attention to detail. Each piece is tested to guarantee compliance with the toxicity parameters set by international authorities for hypoallergenic and certified products.


Designs follow the latest trends, in an ongoing quest to create fashion jewelry pieces to match different personalities, bringing affordable high-quality jewels to the final consumer.


Italians really do it best!

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