Vanassa Chan, founder & designer of PURSUITS, draws her inspiration from design, architecture, and fashion. She earned her degree in interior design in the United Kingdom and worked for years as a designer in Canada before launching PURSUITS in 2014.

Her background in interior architecture has deeply influenced her jewelry designs, and traces of her past career can been seen in the playful way she approaches composition and geometry. Her passion and desire to create pushes her to experiment with new materials: exploring combinations of surface and shape and their potential as wearable art.

PURSUITS begins designing each season's collection by hand with paper and brass maquettes. Each piece undergoes many stages of testing and material exploration and all of our designs are developed with the wearer in mind. We aim to bring the allure of bold shapes and striking forms to the everyday. Our pieces are meticulously formed, and finished with care, in small batches in our Toronto studio.