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UNOde50 is a Spanish jewelry brand founded in the late ’90s that’s all about living your life with no reservations. Personality-driven pieces are at UNOde50’s core, with an emphasis on durable metals and organic shapes that are loud enough to turn heads, but sleek enough to wear every day to any type of occasion.


Here, chains are more edgy than soft, and hoops are squiggled versus purely round. It's bold, seductive, and spontaneous — meant to enable self-expression through its simplest form: what you choose to wear. 

UNOde50 is experiencing a total style renaissance right now, too, with its fresh new perspective seen in the actual jewelry designs (think: a larger selection of charms, colorful gemstones, and new personalization options), as well as how the brand plans to cast real people, as opposed to strictly models, in upcoming campaigns. A wider price spectrum also accompanies this creative shift, which welcomes all kinds of shoppers, from more experienced jewelry collectors, to younger tastemakers who may just now be figuring out their personal style.

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